How to decorate a bedroom?

How to decorate a bedroom?

If you are looking for neon sign home decor, and in particular neon lights for a bedroom, this article will give you some great tips.

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If you are looking for neon sign home décor, and in particular neon lights for a bedroom, this article will give you some great tips on how to decorate a bedroom and bring in some neon flair.

Neon Lights for Bedrooms

You can illuminate any bedroom space with neon lights, neon wall art, and our LED neon light signs. If you are looking for advice on how to decorate a bedroom you will most likely be looking for tips on a specific type of room. Through this article, you can find advice on rooms including: 

  • Adult bedroom decor ideas
  • Guest bedroom decor ideas
  • Kids bedroom decor ideas
  • Teenager bedroom decor ideas
  • Baby room decor ideas 

Check out our wide range of neon LED lamps, bedroom neon light decor, and neon art. You can find the perfect sign for bedroom decorations, home improvement and brighten up any space.

Adult bedroom decor ideas

Good interior design can influence mood and the way you feel with several scientific studies backing up this theory. A study completed by the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science found that most people feel as if their emotional wellbeing is influenced by the ambiance and feel of a room.

It’s clear that as a bedroom is a place to relax and unwind it makes sense to decorate this space personally and make it feel like your own space, rather than a blank and cold space.

To promote a positive vibe in our bedroom you should make sure the design follows your personal style and aesthetic preferences, colours, materials, and lights.

If you need the inspiration to enhance your adult bedroom you can find some amazing LED neon light signs in our collection or design a custom image or slogan that means something to you. 

Not only will neon bedroom signs make you feel happier in your room they will also impress your guests!

Instead of sticking with plain white walls or having to repaint walls you can add colour with LED neons and a cool, contemporary, and bold twist. 

Some of the most popular bedroom neon lights include:

LED Neon is also ideal for bedrooms as they are lighter, silent, and remain cool to the touch, unlike traditional neon lights.


Kids bedroom decor ideas

Playing, sleeping, gaming or studying, there is a long list of activities that kids do in their bedrooms. 

So whether you are trying to design a room for a toddler, a teen, or even a nursery room for a baby, you can make sure their bedroom space is more exciting and comfortable with a clever design strategy.

LED neon lights can be used to make kids' bedrooms fun, bright, and vibrant. Friends will be jealous of a bedroom finished with cool neon light artwork for sure!

Some examples of neon lights for kids bedrooms or teenagers rooms include:

Also, you can create your custom neon design for a kid’s room with yellowpop.


Baby room decor ideas

It’s common for parents to want to start nesting when they are due to have a new baby and one of the best ways to fulfil this need is to create a beautiful baby room or nursery ready for the newborn coming home.

A very popular option when creating this type of room is to use neutral colours if the sex of the baby is being kept a surprise, or to go with strong boy or girl colours if the parents know what they will be having.

Either way, a LED neon sign is a great addition to personalise a baby’s room and can act as decoration and night light. LED Neon is very safe for a baby’s room because they are cool and don’t get hot to touch and are lightweight but less breakable than normal neon lights.

A few popular neon light designs for a baby’s bedroom include:


Guest bedroom decor ideas

Want to be the Hostess With the Mostess? The good news is if you have a spare room or guest room that you want to spruce up ready for company coming to stay, just a few small steps can take it from unloved to welcoming.  

The thing with a spare bedroom is that it will only be used occasionally meaning that you don’t need to put so much into major changes or a complete overhaul of the bedroom decor.

Small touches like a bedding throw, new pillow or accessory cushion, a potted plant, or painting or light can refresh the room. If you're ready to start a spare room makeover, start by clearing out any clutter from the guest bedroom and layout extra blankets, towels and pillows.

It’s little touches that can make a welcoming difference so think about removing your personal items and adding useful touches that make the guest feel comfortable, such as a jug of drinking water, drinking glasses, and books or magazines plus wifi connection details.

If you want to elevate it further add some fresh flowers and think about adding a welcoming glow from a LED neon light.


Decorate your bedroom with Yellowpop Neon Signs

If you are looking for custom neon signs for a bedroom, cheap neon bedroom signs, or neon led lights for bedroom Yellowpop can help you! 

Our custom neon signs are the best option for fresh bedroom decor and are made with the latest LED neon technology. Because LED Neon is affordable, lightweight, safe and easy to set up it gives you the best convenience for your home. Simply hang it like a painting and plug it in like a lamp!

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