How to decorate a kitchen?

How to decorate a kitchen?

If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen without spending a fortune we have a few tips to help you make a plan.

May 15, 2020 Read More

They say the kitchen is commonly referred to as the heart of the home. The hub for meeting, cooking, eating together and chatting several times per day.

It’s true that many surveys have been done to show how important the kitchen is on the value of your home, and the appeal it has for buyers when you come to sell, as well as impressing your guests, family, and visitors.

For all of these reasons, most people think a stylish kitchen is very important. If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen without spending a fortune we have a few tips to help you make a plan. We will also talk about our best neon sign tips for adding a pop of colour and warm sunshine into your kitchen.

With these tips, you can update your kitchen to one fit enough to grace the pages of a glossy home magazine! Ultimately the best thing is our kitchen decorating tips can work on their own or even mix and match together. This will help you fit the decoration to your own budget.


Decorate your kitchen on eye-level first

When we look at what we can improve to have the most impact on the look and feel of our kitchens the first thing to consider is that we notice things at eye level first. Therefore the best thing to do is to think about decorating your kitchen walls.

While the worktops, appliances, and cooking gadgets fill up a lot of the space and are expensive to change or replace, your walls can be a changing canvas to express your own sense of style.

The walls are where you can make a big impact with a low amount of effort. This could include wallpaper, paint, artwork or stylish LED neon lights with slogans or images.

Updating your kitchen walls is easy, and you can go from tired to inspired in no time at all.


Add some colour to your kitchen

It goes without saying but changing the colour is one of the fastest ways to update the look and feel of a room without a great deal of expense.

Experts advise using a 3 colour palette when choosing your kitchen colour scheme. This is believed to be the ideal formula and mixes the following ideas:

Colour 1: Work with the existing colour of your kitchen units, kitchen worktops, and island. These can’t be changed easily.

Color 2: Pick a neutral shade of your choice to use as the new kitchen wall colour and a backdrop for more bold shades.

Colour 3: This is where you can get bold and creative with colours. Make your kitchen unique with bold and unexpected colors that work with your worktop, cabinets and neutral shade palette.

This colour will add some much-needed pop to your kitchen and make a real design statement.

You can add artwork, kitchen accessories, and even a bright LED neon sign to contrast against the neutral tones.

A good tip when starting out choosing your shades is to get paint swatches from your local DIY store and mix them around until you find the combination of 3 colours you like best. You can then use these swatches to match accessories when you shop.


Kitchen Focal point

Think about your kitchen decor the way someone visiting would see it for the first time. Ask yourself what is the first thing you notice? Is it something positive or negative?

One way to make sure a visitor notices something positive first is to make a focal point when they walk in the room. Something that grabs their attention demands to be looked at and then allows them to scan the rest of the room from there.

Make the first wall you see as entering the kitchen a focal point. Make this wall bold and unique. This could be by painting the wall a bold shade, hanging a neon light with a quote or striking image, or by using bright patterned or textured wallpaper. The best guidance is to be bold and fearless when dressing up your focal point —there’s nothing worse than bare, empty or plain boring walls.


Decorate your Kitchen Shelves

On top of the 3 colour scheme, and the focal point, you can add further layers of texture and intrigue by using open shelving to display kitchen cookbooks, gadgets, ornaments, and plants.

Using at least some open shelving instead of wall cupboards is a hot trend in kitchen interiors, makes a statement and creates a more open, airy and light aesthetic.

The great thing is that this is yet another simple and cheap way to update the look of your kitchen space. All you need as a starting point is a couple of floating shelves and some carefully chosen items. One option could be to have a standing neon lamp sign that does not need to be hung on the wall to add an extra pop of colour. It is important to keep the items on the shelves minimal to achieve that designer kitchen feel.


Kitchen Feature Wall

We said that these ideas can be mixed and matched, so if you already have the focal point, and floating shelves another option could be to add a feature wall in another part of the kitchen. The feature wall could be something like a photo gallery where you frame up shots on a certain theme.

Another option could be to display a collection of artwork, or even gather other favourite objects like some plates or dishes that can be hung on the wall.

Whether you decide to go for the symmetrical, patterned or more organic style of placement with your feature wall a good tip is to lay out the arrangement on the floor first and perfect it to save time and unnecessary holes in the wall later on.


The best neon signs for kitchen walls

Of course, at yellowpop you can design your own custom neon sign with any quote or image you like. We also have many designs for your inspiration. Here are some of our favourite neon signs to decorate a kitchen

If you would like some help in designing the best LED neon light for your needs, get in touch with us today!