Light Up Your Valentine with Neon Signs

Light Up Your Valentine with Neon Signs

Feb 10, 2023 Read More

The season of love is upon us, and you’re probably searching for that perfect gift. Anyone and everyone is going to be looking for jewelry, but there are brighter, more unique ideas for Valentine's Day gifts. We’re talking about a love neon sign, of course!

Not only can you use one of our LED neon signs as a lasting and impressive gift, you can also use them to set the mood for at-home dates. The complementary dimmer switch on your new neon will effortlessly set the mood. What’s more romantic than a red neon sign humming in the background while you enjoy a home-cooked meal?

Each sign is built to last, so you and your significant other can enjoy countless nights beneath the soothing neon light. Don’t complicate your Valentine’s Day with a confusing set up. Our LED neon is easy to install, so you can get to cooking your partner’s favorite meal or snuggling on the couch with your favorite movie.

Best of all? We can deliver our ready-to-ship neon signs to you in 2-4 days with FREE shipping. You heard us. FREE shipping. You’ll get your love neon sign in time to create the dream Valentine’s Day aesthetic at home—just don’t forget the rose petals.


Get into the Groove of Love

Our Dance Love by Keith Haring is an expressive heart neon sign that features iconic 80s street art! Perfect for the artist in your life, this red neon sign represents the passion and energy of romance through the graffiti-style figures dancing inside the heart.

Put on your favorite tune and get swinging under the light of this love neon sign! This is the perfect piece to hang in your bedroom or for brightening up a cozy living room area.


Make Them Smile

Your love is timeless, represent it with a timeless icon reinvented with neon. Our Love Smiley by Smiley neon sign features the famous smiley face remixed with the word “love” in elegant cursive. This neon valentine is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

We recommend hanging this one in your living room or your foyer. It will welcome you and your significant other home, a constant reminder of the love you’ve built together. Just like the iconic smiley face, no matter how much time has passed between you, your love will always shine brightly!


Spell it Out

Gift your loved one our Love by Jonathan Adler neon sign, and they’ll know exactly how much you “LOVE” them! The passionate four-letter word is spelled out in luminous neon, with some letters transformed into icons of affection such as a giant heart. Not only is the design stylish, it’s playful and wildly expressive, perfect for creative couples who are anything but conventional!

We recommend this sign for design lovers. It was created in collaboration with the beloved interior decorator and potter, Jonathan Adler.


POP Your V-Day

Give your valentine a one-of-a-kind gift! Our Andy Warhol collection features LED neon recreations of Warhol’s most famous artworks. Our Campbell’s or Marilyn Monroe LED neon signs give you the chance to give certified artwork to your significant other. Each comes numbered and with a certificate of authenticity—not that your love needs a certificate!

Want a tip? Everyone gets their partner flowers, but you can get Flowers by Andy Warhol, a spectacularly unconventional take on this timeless Valentine’s tradition.


Neon light is the perfect companion for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. It’s romantic, cozy, and inspiring. Gift your loved one a collab neon sign designed by an iconic artist or one of our original love neon signs. Any one of our Valentine’s Day gifts is sure to impress. Order today and get your neon artwork in time for Valentine’s Day!