Tattoos & Neon: Get to Know Girl Knew York

Tattoos & Neon: Get to Know Girl Knew York

Nov 25, 2020 Read More

Get to know our featured artist, Girl Knew York, and her neon sign collection that’s totally lit.

Allure calls it “cheeky frankness.” We call it a perfect fit. Linear and glamorous, Mira Mariah (aka Girl Knew York) describes her style as “a thread pulled in perfect form.” She’s funny, sarcastic, and wildly talented. Mother, artist, tattooist to the stars, Mira defies definition. And while her work may adorn some pretty notable torsos (Ariana Grande, for one), her talent is far beyond skin deep.

Inspiring Nights: The art is about parties

Mira knows how to set the mood. If you walk into her Brooklyn tattoo studio, you might find her jamming to Spotify’s Internet Disco. If you walk into her apartment at 4 pm on a Saturday, you might find a pre-game in progress. If you met her, she might strike you as a gal who knows how to have a good time. Sultry women, sparks, and flame - her tattoos and neon art celebrate those kinetic going-out vibes too.

Girl Culture: Creativity is life

“I was very messy,” says Mira, “So my parents just assumed that meant I was creative and played into it.” As a child, she loved painting and sewing. In an alternate universe, she worked in fashion design. Her richest inspiration comes from women: “What they wear, and how they decorate their houses, and use their bodies, and talk to their friends. My life’s mission is to study, indulge in, and express girl culture,” Mira says.

Citing Sources: Influences in design

As an artist, Mira makes space for many influences. Unsurprisingly, two fashion designers, Elsa Schiaparelli and Vivienne Westwood, top her list. Jessica Walsh - another boss babe with a bit of cheek, tattoo artist Curt Montgoemery, and industry pioneer Percy Waters also are ranked among Mira’s faves. Many of her inspirations come from everyday life too. “The Sass hand is named for my best friend,” she tells us, “To celebrate the magic she makes in her life and business.”

Translating Icons: Working with neon

“I loved seeing my art come alive in neon,” says Mira. “It’s something I dreamed of for so long, I actually cried when we first hung the face in my room.” Her yellowpop collaboration echoes imagery she uses in her tattoos - matches, hands, faces, sparkles. “I wanted to translate some of my favorite designs, things iconic to my brand and

identity,” she says. “It’s one of the collaborations I’m most proud of.” To her, Girl Knew York is an attitude, not a geographic location. To us, she's a collaborator's dream come true.

Photo by @_clare.jpg

Photo by @_clare.jpg