Using neon in the home to express your style

Using neon in the home to express your style

Awesome ways to express yourself in the home with neon signs

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Have you ever walked past someone in the street and thought to yourself damn, I wish I could pull that off. Whether it’s a hairstyle, a tattoo or just a beautifully coordinated outfit, our personal aesthetic tends to boil down to one thing: how we choose to express ourselves and the belief that we can rock whatever the hell we like.

Although there is no right or wrong answer, there is definitely one thing that determines our ability to feel good about ourselves and that is confidence. At yellowpop, we very much believe in the sentiment of “you do you”. Own it. Wear it. Display it, unapologetically loudly and proudly.

GKW tattoo

So, where does neon fit in? It’s simple. Some people express themselves through their style, for others it’s inked on their skin. Neon signs offer you another canvas to work with. In fact, we recently collaborated with twelve different artists, each with their own distinctive style, to produce a range of neon signs called
The Gallery.

Mira Mariah (AKA Girl Knew York), as a disabled tattoo artist, is vocal about her identity, how she chooses to present herself and where she draws inspiration for her work from. A lover of femme culture, she grew up on Long Island where the diversity of the area exposed her to hundreds of different ways in which people could express themselves. In a recent interview with Elle, she explains how the tattoos she creates are constantly being adapted and modified by each and every client. “I love the tattoo you did, but here are the changes that make it more me”, she says, describing her clients’ desire for something that accurately portrays who they are. Tattoos often hold such personal meaning and for many people who have them, symbolize a key event in their life. The wonderful thing about Girl Knew York’s designs is that they also capture those intimate, everyday moments beautifully as well.
The super-talented tattoo artist recreated some of her favorite designs into awesome neons and we think that crossover between neon and ink summarises yellowpop perfectly. Find what you love, the things that make you who you are, and display them in whatever way feels right. Whether it’s above your bed, on your living room wall, in your studio or even in your garden, whatever your taste, however you choose to express yourself, neon adds that extra personal touch to any space.

Drip Face by Girl Knew York

If you’ve passed through Times Square in the past week you may have seen this animation displayed. It's called "Alone Together or Together Alone" and it's by Kelly Dabbah, another artist who contributed to The Gallery. Her art is an amalgamation of the cultures and inspirations that sculpted and influenced her to date. With degrees in business, gemology and fashion she is no stranger to fusing seemingly unrelated worlds together. She is vocal on her ambition to blend contradictions which is a theme that appears throughout her work in the form of roses, drugs and tigers. How can something as small and delicate as a flower can exist alongside something as powerful as a tiger, or as mind-altering as a drug? Above all, though, her work seeks to champion the people and causes she holds closest. 
"Dabbah’s creations always celebrate her personal muses: her own mother and three sisters. It is thanks to these strong women that the faces and female bodies that inhabit her creations are so sensual and bold".

Kelly Dabbah

It needn’t be any different with interior design either. Creating a space in your home that reflects you and your interests is the perfect exercise in exploring what it is that really makes you, you. What colors speak to you? Is your sofa there to sink into, or to break up the tonal palette? Could stone create the earthy vibe you are looking for or does wood suit you better? Instagrammer Kim, of
colourful_kimmes, has a particular affection for color. Her home explodes with vibrant shades of red, green and blue and reminds us of the color combinations you might see in Central and South America.

Colorful Kim
In her most recent blog, Kim touches on her initial desire to create a happy home for her family. The plan? Go bigger, bolder and brighter. I started wallpapering, painted some walls, and painted the old kitchen. We had no money for a new kitchen, so I really wanted to make something fun with the original kitchen. It all had to be very low budget”, she explains. “The big vintage cupboard in the kitchen is the first thing my husband and i bought together when we just met, so it’s very special to us. I painted the cupboard in several colors from dark wood, to white, mint, turquoise and now it’s green with bright pink details”.

At yellowpop we place color above all else apart from, you know, light of course. With our customizer tool you have twelve different shades to pick from, all of which have the potential to totally transform a room. You can pick any font you like, any size and if you have something a little more intricate in mind, our talented studio team can pretty much recreate anything in neon.

Check out some of these awesome designs from the yellowpop community…

Come as you are

"Come As You Are", by frowhome. A strong message 💪


"Cactus", by cactusrestos. Go for green neon to create those botanical vibes 🌵

Was it all a dream?

Make a statement with red 🔴  "Was it all a dream?" by vs.uals


Or how about something a little more welcoming? "Howdy", by fringeandfrange.

Demons Hate Fresh Air

"Demons Hate Fresh Air", by downtownchevy. This quote helped remind this customer's mother to go outside and get some fresh air.

Love what you do

"Love what you do", by glamsbytilly. We couldn't have put it better ourselves, Tilly.

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