What to Say in Yellowpop Neon

What to Say in Yellowpop Neon

Apr 28, 2022 Read More

We know the feeling: you have something important to say, but you just don’t know how to say it. You freeze up. You get writer’s block. The cat’s got your tongue. You think of the funny comeback joke 30 seconds too late. Words aren’t easy! And using words well definitely isn’t easy. We feel your pain.

But never fear — Yellowpop is here. We offer a wide range of readymade neon signs that make a vast variety of fun statements, but Yellowpop also offers the chance to make a custom neon sign for your wall, meaning we’re working hard to put the power of the poetry into your own hands. Or, if words aren’t for you, you can also draw an image that we will then turn into a custom neon sign. We believe in the potency of self-expression and we want to give you a chance to write your own story.


Here’s how it all works:

  1. You, and only you, think of and decide on a quote, phrase, idea, song lyric, poem, haiku, single word, symbol, set of numbers — heck — whatever else you can type with your two hands on a keyboard. You can even draw your own image and we will turn it into a custom neon sign!
  2. You use our trusty design app to pick a font, color, and size for the words of your choice. 
  3. Add to cart. Checkout. Ch-ching!
  4. Over at our HQ, we make your Yellowpop neon dreams come true — bright and in living color — and ship it right to your door, with easy installation.

To get to steps 2, 3, and 4, though, you gotta start with step 1: thinking of the perfect thing to say with your personalized neon sign. We can’t literally put the words in your mouth — only you know the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions that will make your heart sing. 

But we can offer you some tips and places to start. Here’s our little guide on the different approaches to writing your way into a gorgeous, glowing, glamorous custom neon sign.



Go funny and ironic

Why so serious? First of all, if you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of turning your words into a personalized neon sign, then turn down the temperature a bit and just have fun with it. 

Why not go off the cuff and pick a funny turn-of-phrase or pop culture nugget that you love using? “Duh,” “LOL,” “LMAO,” “WTF,” “Ummmmmmm,” “Bye b*tch,” “I don’t know her,” “Live laugh love,” “haha,” “Who gon’ check me, boo?” — anything with a winking sense of humor that will put a smile on your guest’s faces will do the trick.  

Or a hilarious line from one of your favorite movies: “What like it’s hard?” “I’ll have what she’s having,” “Bye Felicia,” “There’s no crying in baseball,” “As if,” “Really really ridiculously good-looking,” The dude abides,” “You’re a virgin who can’t drive” — or whatever your favorite movie phrase is.  



Think deep and introspective

Something motivational, romantic, or idealistic can be an incredible addition to any home — think of it looking it every single day as a daily moment of meditation. What are words you live by? What is the best advice you’ve ever received? What would you tell your younger self? What mantra do you say in your head to keep you calm and relaxed?

If you need help with ideas, start with great poems and pick your favorite line. “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” “I took the road less traveled,” “To err is human; to forgive, divine,” I am the master of my fate,” “And miles to go before I sleep,” “Things fall apart,” “The center cannot hold,” “Beauty is truth, truth beauty; that is all,” “Hope springs eternal” — find a poem or passage from a book that suits you 

Pick your favorite Zen phrase to stare at while you’re doing at-home downward dogs, for instance: “What we do today matters most,” “Smile, breathe, and go slowly,” “Act without expectation,” “Wherever you are is where you need to be.”

Or, choose words that will be reminders of how you want to move in the world: “Kindness,” “Focus,” “Freedom,” “Empathy,” “Compassion,” “Strength” — any word that will get  



Your favorite song lyric is always a good idea

Song lyrics are the surest way to get a sign you’re stupendously happy with — there’s nothing like music, and we all have those lines that reverberate inside our heads, that we scream out loud to when we hear on our car radio. Whether it’s in red or orange or white, there’s also no better conversation starter than an incredible song lyric.

If you’re looking for some ideas: “Thunder only happens when it’s raining,” “Material girl,” “It’s better to burn out than fade away,” “All you need is love,” “You should’ve put a ring on it,” “My loneliness is killing me,” “Baby we were born to run,” “California dreaming,” “You’re just too good to be true,” “If it hurts so bad why’s it feel so good,” “Dive is the female version of a hustler” — or go extra hardcore and pick a crazy Cardi B (“I make money moves”) or Nicki Minaj (“So let me get this straight, wait I’m the rookie?”) lyric that will definitely spice up your space. 

Pick any of your favorite songs and you’re bound to find the right written words for you.



Draw with delight

Picasso famously said that it took him “four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child,” and that’s basically how we’d recommend approaching designing your own neon. Grab a pen (or colored pencil or paint brush or whatever strikes your fancy) and put onto paper what you see in your mind. Draw a sun, draw a mountain, draw a tree, draw whatever it is that gives you peace of mind and happy thoughts, and don’t worry too much about whether or not it’s “good” — we’ll take your image, plus your short description of the project, and do it up right in the color and size of your desire.