Yellowpop x Yoni Alter: A World of Colors

Yellowpop x Yoni Alter: A World of Colors

Jun 14, 2022 Read More

Discover our new artist partnership with Yoni Alter, a multimedia artist exploring the threshold between art and design. His vibrantly coloured works segue between the figurative, the abstract, form, and space, always challenging viewers to look twice. 

Learn more about his work through this interview below:




Who are you?

I'm an artist and designer from London, originally from Israel.


What do you do?
Essentially I'm playing and having fun. I create work in a variety of media including prints, sculptures, illustrations, paintings, digital and more. I'm guided by experimentation and exploration which means trying to find fun and interesting discoveries while I'm creating.


Have you always wanted to be an artist?
I was always creative and artistic so it was always there but I've never thought about what I want to do as an adult. When I went to art school I discovered that practicing design and art is something that I'd love to do. I'm thankful for being able to do for a living what I love doing most.


How did you start art?
I was working as a designer but was always making my own personal artworks. I made a minimalist art print showing only pairs of eyes of famous cartoon characters. I came up with the idea as I was growing up watching cartoons (when the lights go off you see only their eyes) and I thought it'd be interesting to see if the characters will be recognizable just from their eyes.It was the days before social media and I sent it to some blogs and it went viral and I got swamped with orders and I was super excited about it, people were paying me for having my art on their walls. So I continued producing prints and gradually started making little objects and then sculptures and so on. 


Describe your art in 3 words?
Fun, colorful and playful


Where do you take your inspiration?
6 Mostly through the act of making. Most of the ideas come to me while I'm working. While working I keep experimenting and looking for cool discoveries. It's super exciting to discover a new idea or something that looks interesting and worth exploring further.


What are you thinking about when you are creating?
I'm kind of "in the zone" and concentrated on what I'm doing. I'm thinking of how to improve and of things that I could test, for example test how the image will look if I change the colors. I have to have music on while I'm working. 


Why do you use so many different materials in your artworks?
I never planned to use so many different materials. In fact, when I started out I was into digital design and thought I'd never make any non digital work but once I started playing with materials I got hooked and never stopped since.


What was your first creation?
I've been making artworks ever since I can remember. My dad was an architect and he would bring home old architectural plans for me to draw on the other side of the sheet. I remember how I always get excited by getting thos "giant" blank sheets all for me to fill with my pens.


What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity is an integral part of who I am. I'm always thinking of ideas, even when I don't want to. 

The more you practice making art and design the more creative you become and that's why I'm so engaged and excited by what I do. I believe I'm getting better all the time. 


Could you describe your creative process?
Most of the design happens in my head then I use the computer to visualize it. I'm constantly experimenting while I'm designing on the computer. The computer allows me to make many iterations and test different ideas. Sometimes I deviate from my original idea as I discover something more interesting.


With your creations, what are you trying to express?
Nothing intentionally. I don't decide I want to express something but my work expresses joy and optimism. If I have to contribute something new to the world then better if it's something that people will enjoy and hopefully will make them smile. The world has enough drama. There's nothing more satisfying than making people laugh or smile.


Colors seem to be very important to you, why?
Colors is the most basic thing in any visual creation. Just by using color alone you can make an impact on the viewer. I get excited by discovering color combinations. It's powerful. It's striking. Simplicity is king. 


What about the process of creating that collection of neons signs?
It was fun. The neons' technical limitations push you to extreme simplicity, that's a good thing. Simplicity is powerful.  


Tell us more about the “LOVE” and the “YAY” ones? Why did you choose these words?
All other words are overrated. What other word is better than Yay!-  a word a child says when he's excited and happy? Even though "Love" is used so often in art (and everywhere else) I still don't mind using it myself because Love is what its all about, it's what matters most. 


Tell us more about the 3 drawings? We can tell you have a passion for cars, shoes and skateboarding!
The designs are about simple, wriggly lines in different colors that are placed next to each other and in our minds become a car, a sneaker or a skater. 


Why choose LED neon as a medium?
It's powerful. It's a perfect match with the type of art I do, making a visual impact, making seductive visuals, creating a wow effect on the viewer. 


Why did you decide to partner with Yellowpop?
I liked their previous artists' collaboration, especially the Keith Haring one, it looks like his drawings were made for neon, I reckon he'll be very pleased with the neons.