Playroom collection neon signs


With the Playroom collection we want to spark that bursting creativity in all of us, to reconnect with the child within and the nostalgia of the playroom.

Whatever creativity means to you, whatever form it takes, however deep it runs; and it always starts small. A scribble, a word, a sound, a color, a material, a certain light.

See your home differently by sparkling your creative side and recall the nostalgia of playtime.

The Collection

The Playroom collection consists of 12 signs designed to awaken the inner child in everyone. It notably resembles the creative freedom and youthfulness at the core of Yellowpop’s brand.



1) Easy to hang: We provide a free screw kit in each box for easy installation.

2) No tools needed: Don't want to mark your walls? Add the 3M Command Stripes (+$10) for one minute installation.

3) Plug it in: If you ordered a dimmer switch, plug it in between the piece and power supply. Then plug the power supply in and watch your wall come to life!


your creative side is here to play


Say how you feel, embrace the rough edges, and set the mood for love with the light of this heart neon sign. Hang it in your bedroom to create romance, living space to cultivate warmth, or wherever you need a little boost of the imperfectly-perfect warm and fuzzies.


Hang it where you need to most and remind yourself of what’s really important with a sign that will put creativity at the forefront of your to-do list. Designed in shades of cool blue, this sign was created to relax and inspire any space.


Think outside the box with this multi-colored geometric neon sign. Keep it funky with this multicolored neon sign, or select any single, solid color for a more simplified look. Which option you pick, this geometric cube will keep you dreaming in the third dimension.

be your own muse

The Ancient Greeks had nine muses, but as it turns out, you only need one. Display this sign in any space and enjoy the endless inspiration that comes from within. Find your corner or look within, create beautiful things, and remind yourself what’s really important.

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