La vie en rose (quavo)

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la vie en rose led neon sign

Designed in London, crafted by hand

Customisation available, just contact us!


LED: Safe, durable, waterproof and energy-efficient for reduced running costs.

Acrylic board: Light, resistant, strengthen the sign.


Neon sign mounted on an acrylic board with pre-drilled holes, screws, power supply (EU, US, UK available) and remote control/dimmer to turn the sign on and off and customise the brightness.


Just mount it and then plug it in. Installation takes less than 15 mins.
(pro tip: make sure you’re close to an outlet first!)


We ship worldwide for free and guarantee 2-3 week delivery (7-10 express shipping available for an extra fee, please contact us).


Easy to hang

Advertising screws are provided
in each box to hang your sign on
your wall like a painting.

Easy to plug

Plug your sign to a normal out let.
We provide US/EU/UK plug.

Safely packed. Fully insured

We got you covered till your receive
your sign and hang it on your wall.

Good to know

Extra Resistant

Our LED Neon signs are made of flexible tubing. Unlike traditional neon signs our signs are virtually indestructible, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Easy to Install

Each sign comes with an installation kit, simply hang your sign in its desired location, as you would a picture frame, and plug it in!

Dimmable Brightness

Trying to set the mood? With our dimmable signs you can decide just how bright you want the sign to be.

Low energy consumption

Our LED Neon signs are 80% more efficient than traditional neon signs. Meaning you can enjoy your sign without worrying about the bill

Doesn't get warm

95% of the energy consumed by LEDs is transformed into light and only 5% into heat. Which means your sign will never get hot.


Each of our signs comes with a 1 year guarantee and is insured during transport. You can rest easy knowing that we have your back!

La vie en rose (quavo)