Best of 2020: A wild, weird year in neon

Best of 2020: A wild, weird year in neon

Dec 30, 2020 Read More

Unprecedented. Unbelievable. Wild. Weird. And nearly done. Whew. However you describe 2020, if you’re like most of us, you’re ready to turn the page. For all its stranger than science fiction plot twists, the past year has been one of cool collaborations and big milestones too. Don’t worry, we’ll save you the “we’re in this together” speech and send you straight to our Best of 2020 list.

Best Custom Sign: It was all a dream

If there’s a better way to describe the past year, we haven’t seen it. This custom neon sign designed by a yellowpop customer hits all the right marks in rich light blue LED. The hollow out backing blends seamlessly into the space, while our Knowles font feels like a note scrawled out on hotel stationery the morning after a crazy, albeit hazy, night.

Best Text Based Sign: Dope

They say brevity is the soul of wit. But it’s also the heart of swag. In a single word, our Dope neon sign says it all. Channel good times to come with one tailored to fit your space. It’s part of our Core Collection, so it’s always available in a variety of colors and sizes. If the art in your place reflects who you are, it should probably be cool and confident as you.

Best Sign Design: Blow my heart

Designed by tattoo artist Delphie Chu and photographer Louis Dazy, this killer neon sign is a perennial hit. Whether it means heartbreak or passionate infatuation, Blow My Heart is loaded with emotion and defined by clever linework. The revolver and heart design reminds us of David Lynch movies and classic film noir motifs. We think he’d approve.

Best Collab: Jean André

This collection was our last collab of the year and we're very proud of it! It was a limited edition collection and we're thrilled our community loved Jean André's designs as much as we did. He's a French artist, illustrator and co-founder of the Bon Jour Tattoo club. The relationship between tattoo and neon is very strong and we wanted to materialize it with this collaboration.

Best Neon Color: Red

Color has a huge impact on our emotions and our perceptions. Red is assertive, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, and aggressive. It symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. Well that sums up pretty well how we've all felt this 2020 huh?