Emily Eldridge neon signs and peel-and-stick wallpaper

Unleash your inner artist with our exclusive Yellowpop x Emily Eldridge collection! We’ve transformed her illustrations into 6 all-new LED neon signs featuring flowers, shapes, and her signature female characters.

Accentuate your new neon with 14 playful peel-and-stick wallpaper patterns. Their retro aesthetics and dynamic designs create a vibrant space perfect for expressing your unique creativity!




Made in USA

This collection of 14 playful peel-and-stick wallpaper patterns will liven up any space! They feature whimsical line work, cheerful shape patterns, and sugary sweet candy, all illustrated with daring color combinations. All of our PVC-free wallpaper includes a recyclable backing, is easy to apply, and leaves no residue behind!


Emily Eldridge

Her illustrative and design work spans a variety of creative media – from murals to street art, editorial illustration, graphic design, and more. Inspired by fashion, pop culture, and daily life, Emily aims to create eye-catching and visually bold imagery with an element of humor and wit.

Emily has exhibited and painted large-scale walls in Hong Kong, Spain, China, The Czech Republic, The United States, and Germany, among others; and other clients include Adidas NEO, The Boston Globe, Medium, Intercom, GU Global (Uniqlo), and more.


Emily brings color to life through her dynamic and playful illustrations. We’re excited to take this to the next level with our LED neon and wallpaper, so you can combine her world with your own!

Illustrations Illuminated

Emily’s expressive line work and whimsical characters, accented by bright pops of color, were perfect for neon. The added glow brings this artwork to life, giving a new perspective to her charming and cheerful designs!

Global Artwork

Emily takes her inspiration from around the world, whether that’s the sensational neon signs of Hong Kong or the walls of Spain. Now, this global artwork can brighten up your home, creating a dynamic space alive with creativity.

Emily’s Superpower

A lover of comic books, Emily’s characters retain a pop-art quality that feels both light and powerful. These designs are ideal for creating an inspiring atmosphere where you can feel empowered and free to express yourself!

Dream Chaser

Beginning her career as an art teacher in Hong Kong, Emily left this safe path to pursue her dream of a full time art career. Along the way, she has given color to blank walls around the world, something we’re passionate about too! This collection is a continuation of her inspiring path!

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“I think it’s so exciting to have the opportunity as an artist to see your work in a new form. I’ve always been obsessed with neon since living in Hong Kong, where they can be found all over the city. Having the chance to create my own neon designs was a dream come true!”

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